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2013-03-30 09:36:18 by SkySnip3r

wow this place looks gud nao l0l

haven't been around in years

but nobody knows me anyway



2009-10-04 00:09:31 by SkySnip3r

screw the preview D:

i was gonna say

not like anyone really cares to read the contents yeah

anyway bye lolwut.


2009-08-08 01:09:08 by SkySnip3r

i iz has bin inactifs on newgrounds. be back.
i duntz know wtf haz bin happenin fur the hells sinc i wuz gone.

This post is about...

2008-10-30 06:24:49 by SkySnip3r

As stated, this post is about.......
well, whatever you want.

I'm so free, and so bored.

(Untitled v1.1)

2008-09-24 07:14:58 by SkySnip3r

Ahh. The stupid exams are back. Goddammit. Well, at least I got stuff to take that off my mind.
Like yeah. Imagine a level 140 Ice/Lightning ArchMage train at the Henesys Hunting Ground 1 (HHG1)

And FYI, you can spam for all you want. I don't care.

: Small world, eh?


2008-06-18 04:45:59 by SkySnip3r

I felt really bored so I posted something.

Blank, eh?

I know how it feels. Weird.

This is stupid. Someone suggest something.


Damn that.


2008-05-16 03:53:08 by SkySnip3r

Read the title. Go on, read it.


I Am Teh Bored!

2008-04-14 09:47:05 by SkySnip3r

The title says it all.


2008-04-05 04:15:34 by SkySnip3r

Just in case you're confused, that pic isn't what represents me.
It's just what my ... friend send me.
I'unno, whaddya think?


2008-01-18 06:00:27 by SkySnip3r

Guys, since I like, havent submitted anything, here's a post.
I'm screwing around with FL Studios 7 and I can't record anything. SERIOUSLY.
If you can help...please PM me. Whoever reads this. Yeah. Thanks.